kariba roadsEaster and the School holidays are upon us.
Please be alert when driving to Kariba.
The grass on the roadsides is extremely long and one cannot see through the grass on the straights let alone when approaching corners.
Wildlife cross the roads day and night so please slow down when there is long grass as it becomes extremely dangerous for both vehicles and Wildlife.

The corners between Cutty Sark turn off and the top of Baobab turn off is a Game Corridor and leads out of the Mucharara Valley which hosts a variety of Wildlife.
Various animals cross here DAY AND NIGHT – Elephant, Kudu, Buffalo, etc
2 KAWFT members were off to attend a meeting at University regarding “Wildlife and Human Conflict” and as we came around these corners an elephant herd with their VERY little ones, were about to cross the road.
Like all Wildlife and Humans, they are very protective of their youngsters.
We stopped and waved down vehicles coming from both sides while this little family crossed over. Everyone in their vehicles were privileged yet again to see such a lovely sight – no hooting, revving of engines etc. – what a pleasure that was.
It was extremely difficult to see something even as large as an Elephant coming up out the Gulley to cross the road, until you are about to drive into them !!!   KAWFT has now slashed back the grass along the sides of the road on these corners, in order to see more clearly and hopefully keep Vehicles, people and Wildlife a bit safer.

For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals please contact below
Phone numbers
Cavan Warren 0772 690 9150772 690 915 – KARIBA
Nick Grant 0772 607 2140772 607 214 – HARARE
Debbie Ottman Land Home 061 2342 Work 2764  Cell 0773 996 4870773 996 487– KARIBA
Sonya Mc Master Land Home 061 2488 Cell 0772 874 3520772 874 352 – KARIBA
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