Wild Horizons white water raftingThe end of the 2013/14 Rafting season is now upon us, with today, the 8th of April being the last day of white water rafting. The high water threshold for commercial rafting on the Zambezi is 1450mm and is measured by a series of gauges above the falls. Once rafting has stopped, the river will continue to rise, having peaked at around 1590mm on the gauge last season. The river is expected to return to the safe level of 1450mm by approximately the 3rd week of May, when rafting will commence. We will keep you updated on the exact re-opening date.
Once rafting has commenced, the water level will continue to drop to a level of around 420mm before starting to rise once again. Whilst the fluctuations of water level above the falls has a significant effect on the width of the river and height of the waterline, the effect of the fluctuations below the falls in the Batoka Gorge can be much more pronounced, leading to water level fluctuations of around 15 – 20 meters when compared with different times of the year!

Issued by Wild Horizons