lionZimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority says four lions escaped from their enclosure from Lion and Cheetah Park in the early hours of the morning on the 28th of March, 2014. The lions broke steel gate from the enclosure. So far three of the lions, one male and two females have since been captured back to their enclosures. Efforts are currently under way to locate the fourth lion, one adult female, which is believed to be within the main game fence.
The Authority which has deployed a total of eight armed officers last caught sight of the female lion in the morning and the tall grass is making their efforts of locating the lion difficult.
The Authority is however warning the following communities not to travel at night and to avoid areas with thicket. The surrounding areas are Killworth, Flamelilly, Sublime, Chivero, Somerby, Snake World, Boulton and Tongogara.
The deployed officers will maintain their presence in the area until the situation is brought to normal.

Source : Zimparks