sinde4Sinde Village is situated 20 to 30 minutes’ drive from Toka Leya Camp and has a population of approximately 1 200 people. Wilderness Safaris has chosen to focus the majority of our community development projects in Sinde Village at the local school, Twabuka Middle Basic School. The reason for this is the connection that exists between our Children in the Wilderness programme and local community development and social welfare. Guests staying at Toka Leya can visit Sinde Village and will be guided around the village by one of the local villagers.

sinde1Once guests arrive in the village, they will be taken to the pre-school to meet one of the village guides, both of whom are teachers at the pre-school. They will then be given a tour of the pre-school. From there the tour proceeds to Twabuka Middle Basic School, where we have a number of projects running, including a Children in the Wilderness Eco-Club. At the school, one can see the trees planted by the Eco-Club, as well as the school vegetable garden. Then, the tour moves to the centre of the village, with a visit to a homestead and the local shop.

sinde3Throughout, guests are encouraged to talk to people and the children at the school to learn more about Zambian culture and Sinde Village. The whole tour takes approximately two hours and is included as an activity at Toka Leya, with Wilderness Safaris setting aside a small amount for each guest who visits Sinde Village. This money is used to support the community development projects in the village, ensuring that the village benefits from tourism in the area.

From : Wilderness Safaris

24 March 2014