hifa logoStanbic Bank is excited to partner with HIFA to showcase the very best of local, regional and international arts and culture. We hope that through this annual 6 day event we unite languages, culture and people.

Stanbic Bank has been supporting HIFA since 2006.

Standard Bank Group our parent company, operates in 20 countries across Africa and understands diversity and the power of art to cut across borders.
As a partner of HIFA we have learnt that through arts we are able to cross borders, experience cultures and languages. At the same time we are creating employment and financial linkages, from the car attendants being paid to safeguard cars outside the various HIFA venues, to the hotels accommodating musicians and guests, to the caterers providing food, the artists coming to perform during HIFA and the airliners bringing visitors into the country.

Stanbic Bank recognises that it does not operate in a vacuum and as a financial institution operating in an ever changing environment, it’s no longer business as usual  but as a business we need to support and nurture talent.
We recognize the role that sponsorship can play to build positive relationships and contribute towards improvement of lives and communities. Stanbic Bank has been actively involved in the development of communities through sports, arts, health and charity work among other activities.

2013 alone to date Stanbic Bank has used various activities to respond to and engage communities. We have supported the Cancer Association, made a donation to Harare Children’s Hospital, partnered with the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit to protect the area’s resources from poaching, partnered with Friends of The Environment for the 2013 500 million tree walkathon in a bid to plant trees, raise environmental awareness and to protect it.

Last month we donated towards roofing of a new building at St. Joseph’s Home for Boys to provide shelter for boys aged 18 and above. In the arts sector we have been supporting the Zimbabwe Academy of Music that trains school going children in music through its Saturday School in Bulawayo.

As a bank we strive to be financially relevant to the communities we serve. We recognize that we are living in a fast paced, digital world where every second counts and people now demand more and better service. We have launched products that not only provide convenience to our customers but also conserve the environment.

Our internet banking allows 24 hour banking without the use of paper. We also launched the country’s first Sales Tablet, which allows customers to apply for an account electronically; hence there is no need to complete stacks of paper.
I would like to thank our partners HIFA for another year of excitement and being SWITCHED ON to different arts and culture.

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