A wonderful sighting by Garth Thompson at Ngoma Safari Lodge.  What a memorable farewell to Botswana !  Looking at the last photo, can’t help thinking that Mama Elephant was hoping Garth would put the kettle on.

ngoma elephant 1
The Chobe National Park in Botswana is famous for its large populations of wild elephants. In the wet season you’ll come across countless animals coming down to the Chobe River to drink and enjoy the lush vegetation along the river. What you may not expect is a group of elephants showing up right in front of your lodge room and drinking out of your private plunge pool!
ngoma elephant 2

Garth Thompson was staying at Ngoma Safari Lodge when suddenly a herd of thirsty elephants arrived: “On the last morning of my four night stay on the Chobe River, I came back to my to my room at Ngoma Safari Lodge to do a final pack, and found an entire breeding herd of elephant drinking from my plunge pool. What a farewell to see them standing on part of my veranda and the edge of the pool, with the stunning view that this lodge commands behind them; the backdrop of the Chobe floodplain and Caprivi Strip across in neighbouring Namibia!  Trunks Up!”

ngoma elephant 3



ngoma elephant 4

From Africa Geographic

By : Paul Steyn

10 March 2014