hifa 2014HIFA 2014 dates have just been announced – the show this year will run from 29 April – 4 May 2014.  Exciting new features this year include Season Tickets and an online booking facility. Each year HIFA showcases a broad variety of performing arts from around the world.   For more info, go to the   Hifa site.Editor, 9 March  2014

From : All Africa

8 March 2014

As the build up to the annual Harare International Festival of the Arts gains momentum, Cable News Network has just paid the country’s arts and culture fiesta a big compliment. HIFA and the Vic Falls Carnival are listed as among the seven must see African festivals alongside continental giants like the Cape Town International Jazz Festival of South Africa and the Marrakesh Popular Festival of the Arts in Morocco.

Others are Lake Of Stars in Malawi, Sauti Za Busara in Tanzania and Bushfire Festival of Swaziland

The article published on CNN reads:

“The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is touted as the “Glastonbury of African festivals.”

“Established in 1999, the festival takes place each year in late April or early May in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

“The week-long festival encompasses five principal disciplines: theatre, music, dance, fine art, and poetry. Attendees can take djembe drumming lessons, take in a poetry session, fashion show or catch their favourite artists performing.

“HIFA is probably the most innovative in terms of social media use; last year, the festival had a screen that showed attendees’ tweets.

“Another great thing about HIFA is that you pay per event, according to your interest, unlike other festivals where a standard price is paid for all events.”

Since its inception HIFA has brought Harare to a bustling peak of excitement each year as thousands of locals and foreigners throng the venues in search of Zimbabwean and foreign talent in numerous art genres.

Last year HIFA successfully produced Zimbabwe’s first musical which was a love story based on Shimmer Chinodya’s novel “Harvest of Thorns”.

This year sees the return of founder Emmanuel Bagorro as the artistic director and expectations are high that the 2014 edition will once again be explosive, exhausting, exciting and exhilarating.

The festival will run under the theme “Switch On’.