vic fallsA trip to Victoria Falls is a wonderful thing, but it’s not complete without hopping over the border to Botswana and experiencing the Chobe River in all its glory too. And vice versa.

The Chobe and Zambezi Rivers are close to one another, yet so vastly different in terms of the experiences that they offer. So why not combine the two on your next adventure with us?

Victoria Falls town and the Falls themselves have so much to offer in terms of culture, sightseeing and wildlife, but if one combines this experience with a visit to Chobe National Park in Botswana, there is less pressure to see an do everything in Victoria Falls. Relax and enjoy the Falls for a full day; do a cultural tour of the town; get your fix of adrenaline activities; eat out to your stomach’s content; take a relaxed booze cruise on the Zambezi River above the Falls – but don’t worry about missing out on wildlife experience in the area.

Save that for the Chobe National Park

It’s just a short drive away to the Kazangula border between Botswana and Zimbabwe and you are practically already there in the park already.

chobe elephantsChobe offers some of the best game viewing in Africa. One of the biggest populations of wild elephants on the planet resides along this river. In the dry season, you can expect to see incredible numbers of plains game on the open floodplains, as well as the many predators that follow them to the water to feed and drink. This is remarkable leopard country, so keep a keen eye out for the prince of cats as well as the large prides of lions that reside here.

A river cruise on the Chobe is similar, but also very different to the Zambezi in that the Chobe is a much smaller, thinner river. It’s easier to spot wildlife, the photograph birds on the banks of the Chobe. So make sure to include a full day safari with a relaxing boat cruise and enjoy this unique river.

It’s not just important to combine your Victoria Falls stay with a visit to the Chobe, it’s essential… a winning package that will ensure you have incredible safari memories without the rush and pressure of cramming too much into too little time.

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