The Laboratory

The Laboratory

Every year we dart many animals that have injuries beyond what we are able to treat in the field.  We always aim to give the best care we can to each animal, and we do everything possible to give that animal a chance at survival.  Despite our efforts, some of the wounds are too extensive for an animal to survive in the wild.   Therefore, it was our goal to build a facility that could offer a higher quality of care to wildlife in the area and increase the chances of survival for these animals.  In 2009, through a generous private donation we were able to make this goal a reality, with the plans to build a Wildlife Laboratory and Clinic.  Zimbabwe National Parks and Management Authority approved the site plans for this facility, and in February 2010 groundbreaking began.

The Victoria Falls Trust’s Wildlife Laboratory and Clinic is now complete, and will take in any wildlife that is injured, abandoned, orphaned, or maimed by human interference.  The main objective will be for treatment of the animal and then its release back into the wild once it has recovered.  For wildlife that has injuries that are long-term or permanent we will continue to look after the animal, and provide a soft-release for it into a 2200 hectare fenced Sanctuary free of predators.

labThe VFWT Wildlife Laboratory and Clinic will be an additional field resource site for the Zimbabwe Department of Veterinary Services, Wildlife Unit, and host visiting vets, veterinary and pre-veterinary interns interested in contributing towards conservation.  The facility will also be the base for the Vic Falls Wildlife Trust, including its offices, with broadband internet connection and a reference library, for use by employees as well as visiting vets, researchers, and interns.   Adjacent to the building is an orphan feeding station, with all the necessary amenities to prepare various formulas and bottles for the younger animals that come in.

LabDartingTogether with the Department of Veterinary Services, Wildlife Unit, the Vic Falls Wildlife Trust has begun a disease sampling program on wildlife in the Region.  The Wildlife Laboratory is being used for testing of some of the samples, and processing of others to be sent on to specialists in their respective fields.  Sampling is done on every animal we dart and take in to see what communicable diseases are present in the wildlife population in the area.
At the current time the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust is seeking donations of veterinary and laboratory equipment to outfit the laboratory and clinic. If you are interested in donating, please contact us at

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