qatarThe Zimbabwean Government has signed Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA) with the Qatar and Turkish governments that will result in the Turkish airlines flying into Harare.

A BASA is an agreement which two nations sign to allow international commercial air transport services between their territories.

The BASA with Qatar had been on the table for the past seven years despite the fact that Qatar Airways was among several airlines that had expressed a strong interest in flying to Zimbabwe.

Qatar Airways is seeking to link Zimbabwe to destinations in the Far and Middle East, Indian sub-continent, Europe and Australasia via the airline’s hub in Doha.

Apart from Emirates, Zimbabwe has welcomed the return of KLM, which last flew into Harare in 1999, Air Namibia, Egyptair, Linhas Aereas de Mocambique Airline.

Since 2009, Zimbabwe has been a major target of several airlines that are seeking to establish or re-establish air-links with Harare because of the centrality of Harare within the Southern African region and problems besetting the national airline,

Air Zimbabwe resumed domestic flights in 2012 before introducing service on the Harare-Johannesburg route last year.

From : Atta

21 February 2014