tokwe mukosiIt seems from the update that we have received regarding Tokwe Mukosi dam that there has been a professional and measured response both by Government and the Engineering team on the ground to the concerning developments in the last 2 weeks.

As a result what we understand the situation to be as follows, however for further information and to confirm this, please contact the relevant authorities.

” The water level in the dam is dropping daily.

The area ( could be termed a rock slide ) that was effected when the water levels in the dam breached the wall and poured over the top of the wall has been stabilised and as a result there is very little water now seeping through the wall.

The right bank spill way “wedge” which has been designed now to control levels of the dam should another sudden rise in levels occur has almost been complete and this will be 16m lower, offering more leeway for fast extraction. The contractor Salini has been paid further amounts owing ( no figures known at this stage ) and as such is working 24/7 on the project. There is a focus at the moment to complete the 600mm cement skim surface that will overlie the rock wall and seal the face.

There is rain forecast in the area in the coming 7 days and the team on the ground will be on permanent alert however flooding is not expected.”

Editor, Vicfalls24

18 February 2014