Bear GryllsTHE BEAR Grylls Survival Academy team, which was in the country for the shooting of the first ever survival academy show in Africa, was impressed by the country.
Lead instructor and course developer, Scott Heffield who also works closely with Bear, said Zimbabwe was a unique tourism destination that was getting unfair negative publicity contrary to the real situation on the ground.

Zimbabwe should be leading in terms of tourist arrivals because it had everything from the natural resources to the great people and culture, he said.

“We were worried about coming to Zimbabwe after what we heard in the media back in England, but I am going to take that (bad publicity) back.

“This is an amazing country, the whole country is wonderful and I will definitely come back. The British and Americans are missing out.
“They don’t know what they are missing and this will be all over our website because this is a phenomenal environment. I have been all over the world and I see lots of country and this is honestly top of the list. It is a top place,” said Heffield.

He said the Victoria Falls area provided the perfect backdrop to launch the Bear Grylls Survival Academy course in Africa. Bear Grylls has become known around the world as the face of survival and outdoor adventure. He also was the man behind Discovery channel’s Emmy nominated hit television show Man vs. Wild and NBC’s Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.

Paul Gardiner, global director of the academy said Zimbabwe was the destination of choice in the world. “This country is a beautiful place to be in. Look at the greens, the flora and fauna, the wild animals, the natural God given attractions and the smiling people. We should all work together to make this destination a destination of choice.

“There is everything in this country and we want to be part and parcel of this journey that will see the country regaining its status of the destination of choice,” he said.

One of the participants, Caroline Webb from Cape Town, South Africa said she would recommend the country to other people to visit.
“It is amazing. I would recommend Zimbabwe to other people,” she said.

From : The Chronicle

By Patrick Chitumba