black rhinoGreat Plains Conservation and &Beyond have joined forces to safely translocate up to 100 rhino from South Africa to Botswana.

“Botswana has an excellent security system in place to protect these endangered animals and will be a safe haven for the relocated rhino,” said Joss Kent, &Beyond CEO. Translocations were fundamental to secure the ongoing survival of endangered species, he said.

Having successfully translocated six rhino from SA to Botswana last year, &Beyond’s conservation team will lend its expertise to the project. Up to 100 rhino will be captured and safely transported and released in Botswana’s remote wilderness. Each rhino will be tagged and microchipped for research and monitoring purposes. A dedicated anti-poaching team will then work in conjunction with the Botswana government agencies to monitor the animals using the latest technology.

“A project this size requires a strong partnership and a huge resource pool to pull it off. We are therefore very pleased to be joining forces with Great Plains Conservation for this mass translocation. We share the same mission and operating ethos and together we believe we can make this happen,” said Kent.

“This is not a Great Plains Conservation project or an &Beyond one, it is a global one that we can all play a role in, small and large,” said Dereck Joubert, Great Plains CEO.

This operation will cost $8 million (R88.4 million) and both Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond will announce specific fundraising initiatives to enable tourism stakeholders, travel partners, tour operators and guests to contribute

From : Tourism Update

31 January 2014