A typical Kariba sunset

A typical Kariba sunset

February 2014 Special
For new direct bookings stay 3 nights or more at $99 per person/night

Includes accommodation and all meals.
All extras are to be settled on the island in cash.
Excludes transfers to and from the island.

*Valid February 1st – 19th and February 25th – 28th 2014 (Normal rates apply from February 20th – 24th)
*Please note we do not have credit card facilities.

Christmas and New Years
on Spurwing Island

We had a beautiful Christmas and New Years on the isalnd. Thankfully the rains held off until New Year’s night, thus saving our Christmas Day sheep and Boxing Day pig on the spit from getting wet.

We tried to attract passing houseboats and their passengers to join us in the Christmas and New Year Celebrations. This year we hope to be a little more successful in getting their attention.

New year’s eve was a Karaoke evening, we had some fantastic performances given by all until all hours of the night.

ElephantGame Drives

Interestingly enough we had the ‘Cheetah Researchers’ visit us this year. These amazing cats have been seen on a regular basis on game drives and Matusadona National Park is one of the few places left in Zimbabwe where one can come and experience wild cheetah.

On a sad note we are down to the last three Cheetah in Matusadona National park and surrounding area, two of which are males and one a female so have fingers crossed that nature will take its course and we will have some cubs this year.

Just before the rains this year we had a herd of 200 buffalo visit our shorelines and they were seen regularly on the game drives, allowing for great photo opportunities.

Our shoreline elephant are as usual some of the most approachable elephant in the country, they allow up close photography and very personal encounters on the vehicles.


The fishing has been slow as the lake has been extremely low this year but with the onset of the rains (350mls so far and still raining) the fishing has picked up.
With the influx of running water bringing with it food and nutrients and triggering the spawn for most species of fish, the gorge has been producing quality tiger and all the waterfalls are flowing making gorge trips a spectacle

With the rising water levels the grasses are being submerged and the bream are moving into the shallows allowing for great excitement with a float and worms.

thatchingThatching Project
In November we underwent quite a task of re-thatching the accommodation sprucing everything up and generally giving the camp a new neat appearance, with no leaks!

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