ngwesiCapture the rhythm of the Delta in Botswana on an experiential journey of the Okavango River aboard the Ngwesi Okavango Houseboat.  Moored on the river, near the village of Shakawe, Ngwesi Houseboat offers excursions on tender boats to explore the Delta’s countless water channels, floating islands and fertile banks; whereby guests discover the Delta with traditional sentiment and an experienced local guide.

The untouched wilderness sanctuary of the Delta is ideal for quiet discovery. The rooftop of the houseboat projects astonishing views of the plethora of wildlife ambling through the long grass, while melodic calls sound through the still swamp air and fish slice through the waters beneath. Overnighting on a small island interrupting the waterways is an adventurous and unique experience; guests are surrounded by grunting hippos, bellowing baboons, and feeding elephants singing an indigenously African lullaby. Ngewsi is ideal for your choice of Okavango houseboat accommodation.

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