beastNever seen a cruise go so ballistic. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t with a beast on board? Even the crew could not help smiling when Tendai Mutawarira came on board the Zambezi Explorer recently.

Passionately loved for his humility the Zimbabwean born South African rugby player graced the Zambezi Explorer in the company of his wife and friends. Taking a break from turf burns and vuvuzelas, Tendai slumped in the comfort of the signature deck and enjoyed some festive moments on the Zambezi River. Perfect holiday getaway before he resumes training with The Sharks in January next year.

From the looks of it The Beast was truly on  holiday and he even had time to chat with Zambezi Explorer host Nash in a not so beastly manner, how great it was to hear him remark of his love for Victoria Falls. He even finds the Zambezi landscape and its famous sunset’s endearing.

However sadly the Beast did not treat the crew to any of his famous tackles and though they were utterly disappointed, maybe it was for the best wonder how prepared everyone was for a Zambezi Explorer signature deck makeover. Better safe than sorry.

However after all is said and done, don’t even get it from the grapevine. It’s OFFICIAL… The Beast descended on Victoria Falls and graced the Zambezi Explorer very very recently.

By Vainah Gumise 24/12/13