cruiseThe Zambezi Explorer Cruise company ZECC has launched a new cruise boat just six months after hitting the waters with the largest cruise vessel on the Zambezi river.
The recently launched Zambezi Reflections was unveiled on Thursday 11 December at the Kalai jetty four kilometres up from the Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River. The 34 seater will offer dinner cruises sailing past Kalunda and the historic Kalai islands going as far as Kandahar during the high season.
Addressing staff members during an inaugural dinner on the Zambezi Reflections, ZECC chairman Raphel Curiger said the vessel will complement other cruise vessels in the destination thereby enhancing the face of waterborne activities in Victoria Falls.
Furthermore he said the ZECC is taking on the ambition of the tourism industry in the country to enhance the length of stay of tourists in Zimbabwe hence the efforts to diversify activities offered in the resort capital.
Speaking at a launch ceremony in Victoria Falls on Thursday 11 December the ZECC Marketing Director Charles Chakanya also introduced the Zambezi Reflections to Victoria Falls industry players.
Chakanya said the vessel will offer excellent gourmet experiences on its cruises through its sumptuous menus crafted by renowned Zambezi Explorer chef Jacob   Munyai.
On the sidelines of the same event Zambezi Explorer Product Development director Elisabeth Curiger went on to elaborate on the marine design adopted on the Zambezi Reflections outlining how it complements the African Sheik design on the Zambezi Explorer and thereafter guests proceeded to the Zambezi Explorer signature lounge for refreshments.
River Cruises remain one of the most sought after leisure activities on the Zambezi river which is known not only as a tourism nucleus for the country but as a source of livelihood for surrounding Tonga and Lozi communities.

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