Whether you believe in evolution or not, there is no denying that these guys bare a striking resemblance to your friends, your family and even yourself!

1. This job stinks!
baboon 1




2. Money business..
baboon 2
















3. Just having a snooze
baboon 3





4. This little piggy went to market…
baboon 4







5. Idols try outs
baboon 5













6. Leaping into action
baboon 6


7. Even baboons go for regular check-ups
baboon 7



8. Ready or not, here I come!
baboon 8



9. Just hold still, I will get it out.
baboon 9





10. Chillaxing under the warm African sun.
baboon 10




11. There is nothing better than a relaxing day at the spa
baboon 11





From : Africageographic.com