As advised in short updates, we, along with Parks and Wildlife Authority, Residents & Ratepayers of Kariba, concerned Wildlife lovers and Societies,  Municipality of Kariba and ARUP Consultants – have been meeting and working together to an acceptable compromise regarding the new low density plan and game corridors.
We all appreciate that there are 2 new Generators to be fitted for supplying the country with much needed Electricity and that housing is needed for this new ZPC phase.

We also all know that there should not be much compromise when it comes to our dwindling Wildlife and their habitat along with Human conflict.

We had the initial meeting with all the above mentioned on 21 Nov with a follow up site meeting the next day so that all could clearly see the layout of the land etc.

This proved to be very good as the Authorities were shown all the Game Corridors, wetlands, seasonal springs along with the fresh proof of Wild animal tracks.

It was agreed they would go back to the drawing board to try and accommodate all as much as possible.


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We did confirm, that although we had all agreed to work together to come to as much compromise as possible, we felt that it was still necessary to lodge and have on record,  the required objections as per advert seen “by chance” and communicated to us by The Zambezi Society, 15 days into the 30 day period !!!.

Within 2 working days and the weekend, just over 30 objections were lodged. Considering the time frame, this was a superb effort by all. Besides residents objecting to a number of other issues, the objections also pointed out Game Corridors either closed or narrowed and Human conflict.

Whilst no-one can be pleased 100%, a good effort was made to rearrange and cut down the number of stands which have been reduced by 70 + stands. Obviously for the Residents in this area this was welcomed news although some areas are still of concern and some Residents are still not happy.

The Game Corridors have been looked at and taken into consideration.

The one concern regarding the latest lay out, is that plots have been put back on along the main road, where they had originally been removed as per request by Parks and Wildlife.

On seeing this, we did feel that the Wildlife does not use a section of the area along the main road from the dirt road to Baobab Ext and partly towards Batonka.

The Game use the areas we had concentrated on a bit further up the dirt road where the Wildlife tracks and seasonal spring were shown the week before as well as the area the few stands, now newly placed on the corner of the main road and Cutty Sark turn off.

However, it is felt that the Trauma Centre now placed on the Cutty Sark turn off corner, along with the stand next to it, at least, be removed and moved along to enable the continued free movement of the elephants etc.  Parks & Wildlife will have a look at this and Arup and Municipality are considering moving these 2 stands along with 1 stand on the side of Tamarind, that has never been built on and if it is built on will restrict the movement of Elephant, Buffalo etc.

As if to celebrate the keeping of most of the Game Corridors,upon returning home from this meeting early evening,  6 boys  (Resident Elephant Bulls) were plodding up the hill on the Cutty Sark /Tamarind road towards the main road.

elephantToo happy to see them and know that they are still to be able to freely wonder this area, I did not even notice the size of this abscess on the one Boy. A Baobab Resident noticed it again and took a snap to send to us.

We will be keeping an eye on this and contacting AWARE Trust to see what they think.

The day after the above, recent meeting, information was received that provision for a camping ground had been put in the Game corridor/seasonal spring area!!!  KAWFT found this information most disturbing and sure the Residents will as well.

A call was made to the Town Planner but he was in a meeting and when called after 2pm, the call was not answered. We shall be looking into this in the coming week and understand that Parks and Wildlife Authority will be seeing the final draft before it is sent to Harare for submittance.

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