map of karibaFrequent visitors to Lake Kariba may be familiar with the excellent hard-copy ‘Lake Kariba Fishing & Boating Chart’ published by The African Fisherman magazine and available locally in fishing and outdoor shops.   This map shows the lake itself as well as its under-water topography.  This is fascinating, as it shows the landscape of the Zambezi Valley, its hills, plateaus and river channels etc as they would have appeared before the lake flooded the area in the late 1950s.

Now a new digital version of this map has been released that works in a (free) app on Apple devices.

The Kariba map (eastern basin section) will display on your (GPS enabled) iPad, iPhone and iPod and indicate your position using the inbuilt GPS.  You can mark waypoints and record tracks similar to conventional, hand-held GPS devices. This is an Off-Line Map and does not need internet connection to operate.

The map information covers the eastern Lake Kariba basin from Charara to Photo Corner just beyond the narrows.

The height and river information was compiled from the state topographical maps, completed in 1955.  Mapping technology has since vastly improved so the accuracy of these old maps is not great. To improve accuracy the vectors were adjusted to fit, as best as possible, more modern data. The maps were then re-projected onto the WGS 1984 datum (spheroid).

The contour intervals are at 25 FOOT vertical distance and water supply level is taken at 1600 feet a.s.l. and thus this is the level depicted by the shoreline.

The map costs $20 per install.

Contact: Kevin Philip  or  +263 4 744067,  +263 772 709350 for more information.

From : Wildzambezi