the strand hotel namibiaA N$342m investment into Swakopmund will prove to be a great boost for Namibian tourism; on Thursday, 14 November 2013 O&L Leisure held the ground-breaking ceremony of the new Strand Hotel at Swakopmund. The old Strand Hotel had been demolished in 2008 and the O&L team set out to conceptualize and design the new Strand Hotel ensuring the iconic, cultural and historic aspects of this amazing site, were truly appreciated, respected and protected.

Executive Chairman of the O&L Group, Sven Thieme, spoke about the massive growth in the Namibian tourism industry and stressed that it was important that everyone should take development of the country in their hands thereby empowering the people, enhancing inclusive and sustainable growth, environmental sustainability and living up to equity and good governance.

He added: “I firmly believe that with an integrated approach where economic, social and environmental elements reinforce each other, we can achieve a developed Namibia – much faster than we think!”

Strand Hotel Standard Room

Strand Hotel Standard Room

This exquisite Namibian product brings about a number of opportunities such as employment creation, building innovative and sustainable businesses in Namibia and in this case the Erongo Region thereby boosting the country’s global tourism profile and contributing to socio-economic wealth and ultimately profiling Namibia as a major tourist destination.

The exterior architecture has been inspired by Swakopmund itself and is based on a contemporary interpretation of the historic German architecture so prevalent in town.

Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga congratulated O&L Leisure for their achievement: “I know that the process has been laborious but Rome was not built in one day either, and O&L Leisure is a company that ensures everything is in place before embarking on such an ambitious task. You have made sure that all parties in and around Swakopmund are happy and you have taken all players into consideration – from the residents of Swakopmund to the municipality and the regional council and now you have buy-in and approval from all which means that your construction can only go smoothly.”

He added that the new Strand Hotel would most certainly feature prominently on the list of tourist operators and would mark a highlight in the calendar of tourists visiting Namibia.

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By O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges on November 15, 2013