kfcYUM! Restaurants International continues to expand the footprint of its Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) brand on the African continent.

KFC will make a return to Zimbabwe with the opening of an outlet in Harare on 15 December after two local businessmen acquired the area monopoly the Source reported.

KFC is reported to be planning to open 10 outlets by the end of 2014 and comes after the franchise holders settled a row over chicken imports with local authorities.

Initially the franchise wanted to bring chickens from South Africa, but former indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere slammed Kevin James, the franchise holder for the fast-food giant for opting for South African imported chickens as he re-establishes KFC in Zimbabwe. Importation of chicken violates local statutes which ban such imports.

KFC closed shop in Zimbabwe over five years ago after the previous franchise holder failed to maintain the international standards demanded by the American-owned brand.

Kelvin James, a Zimbabwean-based in South Africa, teamed up with Takura Investments to acquire the franchise for the local market. James already owns and operates several KFC fast food outlets in South Africa, but Takura holds 51 percent shareholding in the local venture.

The two have invested $1.5 million in the venture, with a long-term plan to open 25 outlets in the next five years, sources said.

From : Bulawayo24.com

20 November 2013