heli pad cafeThe Zambezi Helicopter Company has opened the Helipad Café. This new age coffee shop has been incorporated into the check in and waiting area of the venue. Visitors to the Helipad will now be able to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee whilst they await their flight on one of the company’s three helicopters. The coffee shop will also be open to casual visitors who may not have signed up for a Flight of the Angels but are either waiting for friends who are flying or may just be visiting the site to enjoy the lovely view over the valley with the spray of the Victoria Falls in the back ground.
The opening of this coffee shop is on the back of the Shearwater group’s successful Rainforest Café, which is situated at the entrance gate to the Victoria Falls Rainforest. This restaurant has been open now for two years and the high standard of the menu and fresh cuisine has been a delight for visitors to the Falls. The same team that run the Rainforest café will oversee the running of the Helipad café. The same lovely Cappuccino will be on offer and no doubt some of the tasty pastries.
The only downfall that you may find is the noisy Helicopters themselves that take off at regular intervals throughout the day, most people forgive the sound at the Helipad though because of the fun / exciting atmosphere that the taking off and landing provide.