lusaka airportPresident Sata has commissioned the upgrade of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka in a ground-breaking ceremony graced by first President Kenneth Kaunda, Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II (in whose area the airport resides), and Chinese Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao. The airport will be upgraded by China Jiangxi International at a cost of $360 million. The new airport will contain a new two-storey terminal building of 34,500 m2 (picture), including 22 check-in
counters, 12 border channels and 6 security check counters; a presidential terminal (4,000 m2) for the president, ministers and VIP guests; a new air traffic control
building and tower (2,000 m2); a new National Airport Corporation office/shops complex (1,200 m2); an airport hotel of 80 rooms (to be constructed in phases); a new
car park (22,200 m2) although the existing car park is large enough; a new cargo hangar (5,000 m2) and new aprons and taxiways.

From : The Livingstone Weekly

By : Gill Staden