municipality of karibaThe Town Planning Engineer very kindly made the effort to visit me on Saturday morning.

I was shown the layout of the area on paper.  This was the original layout before consultations were had with Parks and Wildlife etc.

The areas that Parks and Wildlife asked to be left as Game Corridors  were shown to me and he said they have been considered and were being honoured.  A number of other plots that were encroaching into part of this particular Green area are also to be removed.

It looks and sounds like a good effort has been made to leave the main corridor open but will be more clearer once the new layout map is shown with the above plots etc removed and the corridors clearly showing green areas.

The Municipality plans to hold a  stakeholders meeting  shortly where the new layout will be more clear and to iron out any other queries etc.

We hope that we will be advised of the meeting in good time and not at short notice.


Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust


Further to the below, I have just been advised that Municipality will be in the Baobab area tomorrow/Saturday, from 8.30am onwards, handing out papers to each residence with the relative information on it relating to the above attached advert.

Please examine the papers when you receive them

Our main concern is that

1/  Sufficient space is left available for Game Corridors through to the lake shore for the Wild Life.

2/  No wetlands/streams are closed off or the area narrowed down,  due to building.

This is to avoid human conflict with Wildlife and protect our enviroment

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust

Please see advertisement in today’s Herald advertising for objections  to a change in use of 124 hectares of the Kariba wild life corridor for low density housing.

We suggest that the details be examined which are available at the provincial planning office in Chinhoyi or the Town Clerk’s office in Kariba.

Objections must be done within 30 days of the first insertion of the notice.

Since we  do not know if today is the

first insertion there should be no delay in follow-up of this.

A further email regarding this will be sent out shortly