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What a nightmare this has been !! to say the least.

It has been approx 3 months since the Radio tracking collars arrived from South Africa. Zimra had them for sometime but the bulk of the nightmare has been sorting the licence for them from POTRAZ. When we were at our wits end, we contacted  Chris Packenham Security Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

 When all else fails – read the directions OR get someone who is in the “know” to sort it out !!!.

We are sure he regrets responding to our cry for help BUT he is sorting it out as this is his line of work – dealing with Radio comms, repeaters etc.  he has and still is working with Parks and Wildlife sorting out their Radio Coms around the country and what a great difference that will be when our Charara Safari Area is back in FULL Radio comms in the not too distant future.



DZIMBABWE LODGE (KARIBA) – Tent for Parks and Wildlife – this will be kept for a spare  issue when any of the new ones come in for repair.

ROONEY’S  Rory Rooney (HARARE)  – 3 Tents  – Once these have arrived and we have seen the sizes KAWFT may use 2 for when the Snare Sweeps move out to cover a broader area. The remainder will go for Parks Base Camp or Patrols, depending on the size


ODENDAAL STABLES Gail Odendaal (HARARE)  – 18 bags of food, net bags and 8 bags of pea hay

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals – Mahatma Ghandi

Sept. 28th to 1st Nov Snare patrol report.


This week has been the lowest number of snares recovered since we started.  This is what Parks and KAWFT have been striving for.

At the same time there is the worry that perhaps the patrol are not trying as hard as they should be until a check where they have patrolled using GPS info and Google Earth is done. All our work is carried out using funds donated by the public. Something we don’t take lightly.

The area where we had released the Pangolin was searched on the 26th Sept. It appeared to have gone in a South West direction and 80-100mts away fresh scratch marks on a flat ant nest was found. Ant holes were clearly visible over the scratched area, which measured roughly 1.2 x 2.5mt. We hope this was the work of the released pangolin, as it would indicate he/she is well.

We understand the person in possession of the pangolin received a $400-00 fine.

The fate of the person/s arrested with a dead Dik Dik or Steenbok during this time is unknown at this time. It is believed accompanied dogs were involved in the kill.

We commend The 2 Authorities – Parks and Wildlife and Border Control for the work they have been doing to bring Poachers to book.

It is never as easy as it looks once the perpetrator/s have been caught. Hours, days and weeks are spent in the Courts with some of it bringing no gain when evidence is insufficient even though many know the person or persons are 100% guilty


28th Sept.  – 1 snare – Charara to Kabuli Wilderness Area.  One snare recovered. Bush buck and zebra seen.


29th Sept – zero snares – Up the Charara River (main road) for a few Kilometers then go east.  NO snares recovered. A lot of fresh buff spoor seen as well as kudu and warthog spoor. Two small groups of buff seen, as well as 2 warthog and a number of elles. The Nyamasowa remains dry as effluent pumps are still down. This has affected game movement in the area.


30th Sept. – . 14 snares – From Power line Rd/Banana Farm rd. going south/east to Rifa bridge. 14 snares recovered. 5 old, the rest very fresh. 15 impala and 4 bush buck seen.


31st Sept. – 2 snares – Crew dropped of inside NAU on eastern side and headed northeast. 1 snare recovered near NAU. 1 fresh snare recovered near pick up point close to yesterdays drop off. 2 bush buck and 3 eles seen

A visit was paid to Nzou lodges. Big Boy is back. At the end of the day this is very bad news indeed. The festive season is upon us and it does not take a rocket scientist to fear for Big Boys well being over this period.


1 Nov. –  11 snares

On leaving LLA and going onto the power line Rd some buff  were seen in the stream on the south side of the road and  LLA security was radioed to try and check the buff for snares. After collecting the two KAWFT guys I turned around and dropped them off with instruction to count and check the herd for wires.

A Ranger was collected and return to LLA to go by boat to patrol Antelope. Patrol reported that the 15 buff near LLA are all in good condition & none had any snares.

11 snares recovered on the south side of Antelope.  Kapenta boats are still parking on the shores. 40 odd impala were seen, many in an advanced stage of pregnancy, 6 kudu also seen.

The steadily increasing wild life numbers on Antelope is a big concern but death by snares/starvation is not an option to control this.

Antelope Island

The feeding continues. A large number of impala are carrying young as well as 4 buff cows. Wide horn was seen to service a cow last month and on the 2nd of November was showing interest in another. If both these cows “take” and calves survive there will be 21 buff on the island in 8 months time. This is the down side to the feeding program.

A big thank you to Gail Odendaal for supplying 18 bags of food a few weeks ago. This was transported up free of charge by Natureways.

Gail has also made up some net bags and is sending up 8 bags of pea hay which is being brought up by a Kariba scottsman

The net bags are going to be stuffed with Pea Hay, hung from trees and placed a little distance from the feed site to see if the kudu and impala will eat from them.

Some Good News

Hoof Head, the Zebra we treated for an injured head, a few weeks ago, is a father! His lady friend has just given birth in the Mahombekombe area.

 African proverb –  If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito

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