parliament of zimbabweDid you know that Nyati Travel offer various day trips in and around Harare, guided by excellent guides/drivers?

City tour – Harare (2.5 – 3 hours).
USD 35 p.p. (minimum 2 persons).
Visit downtown Harare. Historical buildings like the Parliament, The High Court, various churches and old shops.
Harare Kopje, the highest point of Harare with 360 degrees views of the city.
Mbare Musika with its huge vegetable market and the big hall with curios’.
Doone Estate with Chapungu Sculptures and various shops for souvenirs.
lake chivero

Tour of Lake Chivero (4 – 5 hours)
USD 45 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding park fees and entrance fees).
A visit to Lake Chivero National Parks, which has small game and rhino’s.
The dam wall offers a nice view of the Lake which supplies water to Harare.
Kuimba Shiri is a birds garden, on the shores of the lake.
The Lion and Cheetah Park is a small zoo with a separate mini-park for lions.

national archives

Historical Tour: Queen Victoria Museum – National Archives (2 – 3 hours)
USD 35 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding entrance fees).
Queen Victoria Museum.
A small museum which concentrates on natural history and ethnology.
National Archives,
The priceless collection of Rhodesian and Africana in the form of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins, are housed in the National Archives. Some of the original works of some of the greatest names in African exploration and missionary can be viewed.
harare at nightHarare by Night. (3 – 5 hours)
USD 40 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding entrance fees + dinner)
A visit to one of the many small and cozy entertainment centers for life music: Bookcafe, Mannenberg, Bedazzled and others. Have fun in a pleasant and safe environment


townshipHarare Township (2 – 3 hours)
USD 35 p.p. (minimum 2)
Visit a township with a local guide. You will see small businesses at work in the street, arts and craft, small markets, and above all meet the friendly and accessible people of Harare, the city that never sleeps.



domboshavaDomboshava Rock and Cave Paintings (3 – 4 hours)
USD 40 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding entrance fees )
Domboshava derives its name from the words dombo (large stone or rock) and shawa (red). This hill is a massive granite dome containing several shelters with notable rock paintings. These include fine animal and human depictions of several different styles. Some of the human figures are believed to be San representations of Bantu-speaking peoples.”


ngomakuriraGoma Kurira (4 – 5 hours)
USD 45 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding entrance fees)
Ngoma Kurira (the drums are sounding ) is one of the dominant hills of the Domboshawa area, about 30km north of Harare. It is a granite hilly area lying in the head waters of the Mazoe River. The climb to this beautiful are, with very well preserved rock paintings is quite stiff.

national art gallery harareHarare Arts Tour: National Gallery and Gallery Delta (3 – 4 hours)
USD 35 p.p. (minimum 2 persons, excluding entrance fees)
National Gallery
Examples of the Shona sculptures are on permanent display, along with national, regional and European art.
Gallery Delta
Housed in one of the oldest houses of Harare this gallery has a stunning collection of mainly modern paintings created by local artists.

Entrance fees Harare Tours per person – Non Residents  (subject to change).

Lake Chivero                                         USD 10
Queen Victoria Museum                        USD 10
Domboshava Rock & Cave Painting       USD 10
Ngoma Kurira                                        USD 10
Harare National Gallery                         USD   1
Gallery Delta                                         Free
National Archives                                  USD   1
Lion & Cheetah Park                             USD   6
Horse Riding                                         USD   5
Kuimba Shiri                                         USD   5


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