Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

At a World Trade Organization (WTO) conference, the minister for tourism in Zimbabwe has said that he wants to develop new attractions near Victoria Falls to encourage visitors. Walter Mzembi said he hoped that some portion of the millions to visit Disneyland’s Animal Kingdom would come to Africa to see animals in their natural habitat.

Africa’s animals are famed around the world, and many people flock to the Animal Kingdom to see the continents iconic creatures. Others venture into Africa and indulge in a safari; however, there is little in between and it is this that Mr Mzembi wants to address.

The minister’s statement has not been taken well by some, however, with the chief executive of Africa Albida Tourism, Ross Kennedy, suggesting that the remarks were “careless in hindsight”. Mr Kennedy explained that many people might be worried that a new Disney-style attraction developed near the park would detract from the area’s natural beauty. He added that nobody visiting Victoria Falls is likely to see Mickey Mouse wandering around “any time soon”.

Bungee Jumping off VictoriaFalls Bridge

Bungee Jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge

Whilst the denial of a new Disney-style resort was clear, there was news that a new development is be built 24km from the falls. In addition to casinos, shopping malls and hotels, the site may well have a water-themed park that suits the stunning setting.

It was added that Zimbabwe is extremely proud of Victoria Falls’ heritage park status and would not be doing anything to risk the accolade; however, with new plans in place, there may soon be an exciting new resort for travelers to experience.



Date: 16 October 2013