Tourism ReviewAfrica is a big continent with great amount of unique places worth visiting. Remarkable mountains, stunning waterfalls, and intriguing culture – Africa has it all. It is thus not an easy task to choose the top destinations for would be travelers. invites you nevertheless to visit the following must-see places in alphabetical order.

Tourism review has come up with a Top 10 Destinations list of places to visit in Africa.

Among these Top 10 are:

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Omo River Region, Ethiopia

Mountain gorillas in Virunga Mountain, Uganda

Mount Kilamanjaro, Tanzania

Masai Mara, Kenya

Marrakech, Morocco

Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Djenne, Mali

Cape Town, South Africa


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Panoramic View

Victoria Falls Panoramic View

Victoria Falls lies on the Zambezi River, between Zimbabwe and Zambia, two countries found in southern Africa. Victoria Falls provides one with an aesthetically pleasing visual experience.

A well deserved placement in ‘the seven natural wonders of the world’, proves a popular destination spot for many. The waterfall with the widest falling sheet of water on the planet. Ranging from 1600 through 1750 meters wide, its height of 108 meters, makes its twice as high as the infamous Niagara falls, and much wider. It is estimated that its highest recorded flow of water is 12 800 cubic meters per second.

Victoria Falls 1

According to evolution theorists, the falls were formed nearly 100,000 years ago. This amazing waterfall was named after the great Queen Victoria, and was founded by the famous explorer from Scotland: David Livingstone. Around the 1980’s, tourism began to flourish at an astounding rate.

Victoria Falls 2

Clouds of heavy mist abound from the rushing waters of Victoria Falls. One can expect to amazed by the amount of water that rushes over the falls. The crisp water provides an enhancing appearance. This waterfall is among the most popular, and beloved in the world. Victoria Falls is located between both Zambia and Zimbabwe, and part of two national parks.

Victoria Falls 3

With a rain forest climate, Victoria Falls is indeed a beautiful place. Between the months of November through December, it is described as ‘low-water season’ (which basically brings cooler temperatures). Throughout the rest of the months, the weather is near perfect, and this provides the perfect tourism experience.

Victoria Falls 4

Victoria Falls is surrounded by lush vegetation. Located in the heart of the Zambezi River, one can experience water at it’s finest. Located between two national parks, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and Victoria Falls National Park, tourism abounds. These national parks are the home to many animals, and insects who thrive off of the water produced from Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls 5

Many fish live in the vast waters of the falls. There are an estimated 75 species of fish inhabiting the falls. Many birds, mammals, and reptiles enjoy the lush vegetation surrounding Victoria Falls. Wildlife depends on the surrounding vegetation of the waterfalls, as well as the consistent climate.

Victoria Falls 6

Victoria falls is home to a very thrilling site. Rainbows abound upon the falls, as well as an unexpected visual, commonly referred to as “moonbows”. These night rainbows surpass the imagination, and astound tourists. This is often experienced, at night, between the months of May and August.

Victoria Falls 7

The falls feed the surrounding plants, and trees of the rain forest. The spray from Victoria falls provides the necessary water vegetation needs in order to survive. Many plants surround the falls including palm trees, coco plants, nut trees, and many various shrubs, and flowers. The surrounding plants act as a beautiful backdrop for the falls.

Victoria Falls 8

Tourism has thrived in the falls throughout the last thirty years. As a spectacle, the falls continue to be a popular vacation destination.

Victoria Falls 9

As the water eroded the earth, the falls were born, thousands of years ago. Many marvel at the idea of falls forming throughout a specific amount of time. The water rushes, through a random fashion, thanks to the eroded sandstone.

Victoria Falls 10

Many visit this phenomenal site in hopes to experience a visual masterpiece. Upon visiting the falls, one can expect to be overcome with a sense of satisfaction, and an overall esthetically pleasing experience. When visiting the falls in Zimbabwe, one can partake in multiple activities including (but not limited to): canoe trips, safaris, rock climbing, epic rafting, picnicking in nature, swimming, hiking, and even bungee jumping. Experiencing Victoria falls will be a rewarding, stunning, emotional, and physical journey.


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Date: 26 September 2013