Suni the African Elephant

Suni the African Elephant

If you remember Suni was rescued in Livingstone by staff members of Sun International. The Elephant Orphanage was contacted and came down to Livingstone to collect Suni and take her back to Lilayi, the home of the youngest orphans. Suni had been hacked on the back and nerves cut. She still has problems with her leg…

Her physical condition continues to be an on-going challenge, as she still lacks sensation from the knee down, consequently suffering from wounds on her feet, which are cleaned and re-bandaged daily.

Fast facts: Suni
Age Just over 2 years
Where does she live The Elephant Orphanage (EOP), Lilayi
When did her incident occur with poachers  April 2012
How is she getting on  Uses and walks in the first elephant boot ever made after having her leg hacked at by poachers

A daily foot soak in Epsom salt bath seems to be helping a lot with the swelling and infection. The Elephant Orphanage Project, under Rachael Murton and her team, continue to provide as much supportive and therapeutic treatment for Suni in the hope that given time, the extensive nerve damage she suffered will repair.

Suni’s Boot Making Team

Suni’s Boot Making Team

However, none of that would be possible if it wasn’t for her custom made Elephant Boots, created with the incredible support of Suni’s Boot Making Team (Nigel, Dan and Mark) who have travelled internationally on three occasions to manufacture these best-fit boots.

These boots have been expertly made with stainless steel and aluminum bases with polypipe, foam and leather splints and are strapped on with a variety of ingenious Velcro and leather straps – with the aim of helping Suni to regain a normal life and give her the second chance that she deserves.

“It is amazing how much one little elephant can cope with in such a short amount of time” Rachael Murton (Elephant Orphanage Project)

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From: thelivingstoneweekly

Date: 26 September 2013