Victoria Falls Fun EnduroThe Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust will be hosting a motorbike fun Enduro Ride September 27th, 28th, and 29th in the Rural Communal lands bordering Victoria Falls National Park.

There are in the region of 70 motorbikes and quad bikes signed up to participate so far. Including Dakar Rally riders! The ride is open to any motorcycle or quad normally used for off road events.

Cost of entry is US$95 per rider and includes: T-shirt, Completion Medal, Gala Dinner – Saturday 28th September, MARS – Medical cover for Helicopter or Ambulance evacuation from the ride to Victoria Falls Clinic, or Victoria Falls Airport.

The route is approximately 80 km on the first day and 150km on the second day for motorcycles and quads, consisting of common routes and splits for the both types of bikes, as well as novice and intermediate riders, which will all be able to complete the ride. Anyone wanting to cut short the ride can do so, certain points will be demarcated and directions will be given at those points.

An area at the fuel stop will be marked off for spectators to safely view the comings and goings of the motorbikes. LIVE music is arranged for both nights.


Event Programme:

Thursday 26th September

14:00hrs: Registration begins.

15:30hrs – 18:30hrs: Sunset Cruise US$45.00 per person all-inclusive. (Snacks and drinks)

Friday 27th September

07:00hrs -09:00hrs: Registration.

11:30hrs: Riders Briefing at Gorges Lodge.

12:30hrs: Ride starts where drinks will be available to purchase at the fuel stop.

18:00hrs: Ride finishes, bikes to be parked in the Parc Ferme located at Gorges Lodge.

Food and entertainment has been arranged at the DibuDibu Campsite, within the grounds of Gorges Lodge, where there will be live music by Evicted!!

Cash bar, braai packs and salads will be available at US$10 per person.

Saturday 28th September

0700 hrs: Riders Briefing at Gorges Lodge.

0800 hrs: Ride starts where drinks will be available to purchase at the fuel stop. Food and bar is also available at Gorges Lodge.  Note that the lodge is fully booked so please consider their guests when using their facilities.

1800 hrs: Ride finishes.

19:00 hrs till late: Gala dinner and prize giving will be taking place in town, at the Zambezi Helicopter Company Helipad, a fantastic setting for a fabulous evening! There will be a live band performance by Evicted and dinner available at US$20 per head. Cover charge US$10.

Sunday 29th September

10:00 hrs: White Water Rafting – Special Rate of US$95 per person for competitors and Supporters of our event. (RRP US$145)

15:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs: Sunset Cruise US$45, all-inclusive.


Rider’s briefing:

A Compulsory Rider’s Briefing will be held 30 minutes prior to the start of the ride, at which time any specific instructions and issues pertinent to the day’s competition will be explained. Riders may seek clarification from the organisers on any points that are not clear to them, at this time.


Starting order:

enduro bikeThe gate to the entrance of the ride will be opened at the specified time, each group will come to the start line have their number recorded then be allowed to leave. Groups riding together can leave together however, the Clerk of the Course is instructed to space the groups as a safety precaution.

Quads will depart at 10 minutes after the last bike or at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course.

Support – after last Quad.

The following will be available at the DSP:

  • Fuel – Riders can either purchase fuel at USD1.75 per litre from the DSP, alternatively if you have your own fuel it can be handed over to a designated fuel carrier that will have the fuel at the DSP on your arrival. Please clearly mark your cans, and note that only metal Jerry Cans can be used to transport fuel in Zimbabwe.
  • Recovery Vehicle and Trailer
  • Puncture Repair
  • Water and soft drinks for riders, Beer and Wine for supporters.

Please note:

  • The mechanic / refuel zones will be clearly marked.
  • There will be NO alcohol or smoking permitted in these areas.
  • No fires will be permitted in the Pit area.
  • All refuse must be placed in bags or bins provided.


Technical control:

Firstly all motorsport is about SAFETY, so with this in mind please ensure that all those riding have the barest minimum safety wear, this being; helmet, goggles, gloves, long cotton/jeans trousers and strong pair of boots.

Carry some emergency tools as well as water, ID, money and a cellphone. All motorcycles and riders will be checked at the start gate.

All Motorcycles and Quads must:

  • Be fitted with ball-ended clutch and brake levers unless fitted with a suitable wrap-around protector.
  • Be fitted with brakes operating on front and rear wheels.
  • Be fitted with a self-closing throttle.
  • Be fitted with adequate mudguards.
  • Not have any fuel leaks.f) Not discharge exhaust gasses so as to raise dust or in any way inconvenience another motorcycle/quad.
  • Be fitted with folding foot pegs (motorcycles only).
  • Riders must have a Hydration Pack/Camelbak with minimum 1 litre water and a basic medical kit.


Prizes & awards:

  • The following Prizes and Awards will be awarded.
  • Highest pledge to the Wildlife Trust – 2 Nights for 2 people at The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls.
  • victoria falls wildlife trustCompletion medals.
  • Spot prizes.

Further details will be published at check in.

Contact person: Jessica Dawson

Contact details: 0712 230 845 email:

Join them in support of conservation and community projects!


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 20 September 2013