“Making a standpoint to protect our planet and preserve its biodiversity” – The Rhino Knights

Every day on the move Isabel will run a half marathon (21km); cycle 80-100km and, from Namibia onwards horse ride portions wherever possible. Assisted by Raphaela and Lloyd as support team and filmer she will cover an approximate distance of 10 000 km in about 5 months.

Isabel running through Malilangwe

Isabel makes her way through Malilangwe

Lloyd has been training for this but an old injury has played up. After an MRI scan he was advised by an orthopaedic surgeon that it would not be a good idea to go on an extreme physical journey like this.

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Isabel regularly updates us about her journey and we would like to share it with you.

She is recently entered back into South Africa from Zimbabwe, and this is how she is getting on:

“My gratitude to Zimbabwe”

Isabel rides through Zimbabwe

Isabel rides through Zimbabwe

The visit (or visits) to Zimbabwe have been my first and our route took us from Kasane through the Kazungula Border Post to Victoria Falls. From there we headed South passed Hwange to Bulawayo back into Botswana and Francistown. After heading through to Palapye and the Tuli Block we eventually entered into our “home country” South Africa to get to Musina and the Beitbridge Border.

Yes BEITBRIDGE, the border post that’s normally chaotic with long queues filled with people, cars and trucks! That is where we entered Zimbabwe the second time on route to Malilangwe Conservation Trust and Save Valley Conservancy.

I feel like I want to write about this country and the people that call it their home. As we all know Zimbabwe has gone through some challenges. The media has been full of shocking news but no one ever really writes about the goodness in the country. I don’t really read the newspaper nor do I watch the news but Zimbabwean news has still reached me and created a certain expectation and image of the country in my mind whih is totally different from what I experienced while there recently.

Isabel running through Botswana

Isabel running through Botswana

After having travelled through Zimbabwe only with my sister, this “ugly” image has been removed through our experiences. This country is nothing short of amazing….and here’s just one small example… Raphaela insists that I take a break every 30km’s to eat something, take a breather and to get more water. We generally pull off on the side of the road we are currently travelling on and she opens the back of the bakkie and brings out lots of yummy things for me to snack on. On one of those occasions an old ‘Baba’ (old man in the local language) walked slowly and under obvious discomfort up to the car, he greeted us and asked with worry in his voice “if we had a problem with our car and if we needed help?”

Since leaving Durban (a mere 6500km’s away) that’s never happened and we were both so touched by the kind gesture and similar things followed on a few occasions right through Zimbabwe. Something like this just quietens those nasty warnings we have had to hear and is testament that there are good people out there!

That’s why I have to say THANK YOU to Zimbabwe and to your beautiful people!

Today we left Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge Border post for good or better for the remaining route of the Rhino Knights campaign back to Durban. The border crossing went by quickly and without hassles, I am beginning to think that is has to do with the fact that I have an unmarried, attractive sister in the seat next to me.

Isabel and Lloyd back together

Isabel and Lloyd back together

Lloyd is back from the Delta and the girls and Mr P have been on the road for a month without him! We are so excited about his return to complete the remaining stretch through Swaziland and South Africa.

I am finishing with this: 7450km’s down with another 1800km’s approximately to go!

By: Isabel Wolf

‘Strength in unity’ creating global awareness to solve the rhino poaching problem in southern Africa

Rhino KnightsThe current action and response to rhino poaching is vital and helpful but the poaching increases – rhino knights is connecting with stakeholders involved in the industry to gather information on the problems and possible solutions”


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 5 August 2013