K1The National Arts Council has mounted a national art exhibition at Livingstone Museum for the benefit of UNWTO Conference delegates. However, it is not exclusively for the delegates and is well worth a visit by Livingstonians, not to mention art lovers from further afield.

“Kamulanga” means “look” or “see” which is what the viewer cannot help doing, as the exhibition boasts beautiful pieces of art by legendary artists from around the country, as well as those by young and upcoming artists. Works have been gathered from at least five provinces of Zambia, including Southern, Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces and even from as far as Luapula and Northern Provinces.

K2Approximately 60 artists are involved – Lawrence Yombwe, Poto Kabwe, Victor Makashi, William Miko, Chansa Chishimba, David Chibwe, Adam Mwansa, Eddie Mumba, Agnes Buya Yombwe, Elisha Zulu, Vincent Maonde, Nsofwa Bowa, Stary Mwaba, Suse Kasokota and Vincentio Phiri, to mention just a few. Art works include paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, as well as stone, wood and concrete sculptures. They depict scenes from everyday life, wildlife and natural landscapes, while a variety of fascinating abstract pieces also capture the viewer’s attention.

Fast facts about Kamulanga Visual Arts Exhibition:  
Main venue Livingstone Museum, Zambia
Other venues that the exhibition is displayed Royal Livingstone, Protea Hotel, Courtyard Hotel
Dates 22nd – 31st Agusut 2013
Opening times 08:30 – 19:00
Kamulanga means ‘to look’ or ‘to see’
Number of artistes involved Approximately 60


While Livingstone Museum is the main venue, the exhibition is spread over a number of venues, including the Royal Livingstone, Protea and Courtyard Hotels. It was officially opened on 22nd August by wife of the Vice President, Dr Charlotte Scott, and runs until 31st August.

K3The Museum venue is open every day from 08:30 to 19:00 hours during this period. A programme of traditional Zambian dancing will also keep museum visitors entertained during the coming week. Dance groups have been selected from around the country and will be performing at various venues in Livingstone, including the new Maramba Cultural Village next to the Show Grounds.

Take some time to come and see the wonderful works of art that the Zambian art world has to offer.


From: thelivingstoneweekly

Date: 25 August 2013