Southern Africa possesses some of the most incredible wildlife viewing opportunities in the world, some that don’t get the publicity they deserve, and some that most Americans have never heard of before.

In Chobe National Park (the Yellowstone of Botswana, being their first and most successful NP), there is an almost daily sight, unmatched anywhere in the world. At a critical bend in the Chobe River, where the National Park meets the border town of Kasane, dozens, sometimes hundreds, and on rare occasions almost a thousand Kalahari Elephants make a late afternoon journey to the river for a drink at sunset. Observing them from a sundowner boat cruise is unreal!

Fast facts about Chobe National Park:
Area 11 700 sq. km
Located North West Botswana
Established 1967
Number of areas the park is divided into 4


This congregation of elephants (the largest concentration on the planet) is the major draw of the Chobe, but there is so much more in the way of animal behavioral viewing for the curious traveler. Watch this HD episode of 5 Minute Postcard to learn more about the Chobe.



Date: 26 August 2013