Carpivi Region

Zambezi Region

A concerned group in the Zambezi Region (formerly Caprivi) has rejected the name change and the outcome of the Fourth Delimitation Commission as members felt it did not reflect the opinion and vision of the ‘masses of Caprivians’.

The Governor of the Zambezi Region, Lawrence Sampofu, yesterday confirmed the existence of a group calling itself the ‘Caprivi Concerned Group’ that plans to demonstrate against the name change on 29 August this year. The news of the planned demonstration coincides with similar plans by residents of the southern town of Luderitz which was renamed !Nami#nüs who want to protest on 27 August.

Sampofu said that despite the planned demonstration against the new name, there is no going back on it.

“It is their constitutional right to demonstrate. What we are telling them is that they should conform and abide by other people’s decisions too,” he said.

The announcement changing the name of the Caprivi Region to Zambezi was made two weeks ago, in reference to the Zambezi river. The renaming has however not been well received by some members of the community.

“Those who are are complaining are people who do not attend meetings. Most of them are from opposition parties,” he said.

Fast Facts about Zambezi Region:
Number of regions in Namibia 14
Area 14 785 sq. km
Population (2011) 90 100
Capital Katima Mulilo
Constituencies 6
Most widely spoken language Bantu


The name Caprivi comes from a German general and statesman, Count Leo von Caprivi, who was the German Chancellor between 1890 and 1894.

Asked who exactly made the recommendation to change the name, the Governor replied: “government” did.

Sampofu said the Zambezi Regional Council consulted various stakeholders including traditional leaders, businesspeople and other members of the community. He said several names had been suggested during the consultations and they had also received four suggestions each from the four traditional authorities in the region.

“Each of the four traditional authorities suggested Zambezi as one of their four proposed regional names,” he said. The governor of the former “Region one” said the idea of changing the name of the region dates back to 1992 after the first delimitation commission. According to Sampofu, those proposals were not considered as they were more tribal names. He also played down claims that the name Zambezi is not appropriate as it originates from a tribe in Zambia.

Sampofu said there are eight countries that share the river, adding that there is also a province in Mozambique called Zambezi.



Date: 23 August 2013