Rosie the African Elephant recently received a short write up on ‘Rosie the African Elephant’ who is in Victoria Falls at the moment during the UNWTO event that is taking place. We thought we would share this article with you as to who Rosie is and where she is from.

Janet Kaschula who formed the Elephant Rose Foundation tells us her story:

“I had the privilege through Rory and Lindy Hensman, farmers in the Chinhoyi area of Zimbabwe, to meet their family of trained African elephants. Later in our friendship I met their new arrival. She was a young orphaned elephant called Rosie.

Rosie was, in elephant terms, such a beautiful creature with extra long eyelashes and a gentle nature. Her trainer described her character as kindly – a kind elephant? That was a surprise! Was she different I wondered. She was.

The herd she joined and which I got to know, showed family values far removed, in so many ways, from the modern world. They reminded me of how life ‘should be’. They cared for each other and they were loyal.  They lived at peace with their environment.

Rosie introduced me to her world.  She became the magical baby elephant I have written about in this African story.  Nature Spirit is Rosie’s ever present guide and she teaches her all she needs to know.  She has a very best friend and he is Circus, the Painted Hunting Dog.

Rosie the African ElephantIn her sadness Rosie cries out to the stars and asks those questions many orphaned children may ask in the world in which we live, and, in particular, our African continent. “What will I do? she cries.  “Where will I go? Who will I love? But… Who will love me?  She has, like the real live living Rosie, to find a way to survive on her own – to find new friends and to learn some of life’s lessons.  She has to learn to love, even the unlovable, then forgive, even the unforgivable.  This story is her journey.

I hope that ‘Rosie the African Elephant’ (her book) leads the children through her lessons and adventures in the Great Zambezi Valley, to the importance of the trees, the animals and the birds – those who need our love and protection.  In her way, she shows the children how valuable they are, like she is, to their families, friends, their God and their heritage – the bush of Africa. She received the gift of magic and life change for her, forever.”

By: Janet Kaschula (author)

Dominic Benhura, the world famous Zimbabwean sculpturer, has decided to sculpture Rosie and she will be coming to the Falls via  Swift Transport and it is hoped and planned that she will be in the Rainforest for UNWTO.

The sale of the books and which Janet will sign, will be at the Victoria Falls Hotel and at the reception of the Elephant Hills hotel. Possibly also at the airport and at Elephant Walk shops.


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 24 August 2013