There have been incursions by Zambian poachers, and Parks have mounted a big effort to get them.

They are hampered in operating in the back areas by water shortages, and have appealed for water containers, preferably 200 liter drums, for the patrols to use.

If anyone has any form of containers that they can help out with that would be great.

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About Friends of Victoria Falls

It is a community project involving residents, commercial operators, developers, investors, and school children. There has also been interest from those who have visited Victoria Falls. There has been a great response to this idea and we have a growing membership.

The main objectives of FOVF are as follows:

FOVF is a membership of people concerned about Victoria Falls and it’s surroundings.

FOVF acknowledges and seeks to complement the foundation of years of work by so many organisations and individuals in promoting the conservation, protection and forward planning for this area. FOVF hopes to affiliate with relevant organizations e.g. Green Fund, HAZ, VFAPU,  SOAZ, Wild Horizons Trust etc.

FOVF seeks to inform the authorities on opinion on specific issues, to assist with decision making.

FOVF seeks to inform the membership of current issues. Also, to provide a conduit for the dispersal of information to the general public on issues and developments in the area.

FOVF is envisaged as a broad umbrella organization that will bring together the authorities, developers, operators, businessmen, residents, school children and interested parties. It is accepted that opinion on specific issues will vary.

FOVF encourages the resuscitation  of an overall development plan for the town, inclusive of the planning of the Department of National Parks and Municipality, for the future of the area. Apparently this does exist with VFM but was shelved due to lack of funding . The plan would need to be redrafted to deal with the current situation. Red line areas, where no development or activities can take place must clearly redefined and re-established e.g. game corridors, pristine areas.  This is seen as critical to preserving the wilderness aspect to our unique town, which will disappear unless carefully protected.

FOVF fully supports development and well-planned growth in the town, to create future opportunities in business and employment. It is in no way anti-business.

It is envisaged that FOVF will consist of an administrative committee and two sub-committees. Volunteers may opt to be involved in support work in either or both sectors.

FOVF retains a volunteer element where members will practically assist in specific projects in the area of their choice.

FOVF, as a primary goal,  aims to support both National Parks and Council in achieving the betterment of the area.


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 23 August 2013