Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Former United States President Bill Clinton says improved public health and sanitation will help to save lives of many children in rural areas.

Mr Clinton said this in Manyemunyemu village, Kazungula, where he and his daughter, Chelsea, toured the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a home and a health post.

He said 100 years ago, many children in America died from water-borne diseases and lack of basic sanitation.

He said basic healthcare can do a great deal in saving the lives of many Zambians.

Mr Clinton and Chelsea met one family supported by CHAI that talked to them about village life and some of the measures they have put in place to improve public health and sanitation in the village.
The former President and his daughter had chance to dance with some women who welcomed them.

CHAIHe commended the families and leadership in Manyemunyemu village for supporting the project.
He said CHAI has trained a lot of healthcare personnel who are now imparting knowledge in the community.

“As we drove down here, my daughter was reminding me that even though we started working across the continent selling high quality AIDS medicine at low cost, we had to deal with public health,” Mr Clinton said.

After the tour of the health post and village, the Clintons met Chief Mukuni, who thanked them for the support rendered to the chieftaincy.

And Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe appealed to the Clintons to extend their support to other areas of the country.

“The improved public health and environment seen in Manyemunyemu village would not have been there if you did not come to our aid. The US is a developed nation, an old democracy and we depend on you and we want to catch up with you in terms of development through support such as this,” he said.

In Zimba, Mr Clinton joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation at Royal Livingstone Hotel that helps about 140 hearing-impaired children from Holy Cross Primary School and Baptist Church.

The former president left Livingstone on the 3rd August for Tanzania.

Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea

Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea

The Clintons are in Africa to visit Clinton Foundation projects in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Rwanda and South Africa.

The trip and the projects visited highlight many of the issues that Mr Clinton and Chelsea have long worked on to improve economic growth, empowerment, and equality of opportunity and health access.

In 1998, Mr Clinton first travelled to Africa as USA President and this was the longest and most extensive trip to the continent made by a sitting American president.

In July 2012, both the President and Chelsea travelled to Africa to visit Clinton Foundation sites in South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Uganda, and in October 2012, Chelsea visited Nigeria for the launch of the Nigerian government’s ‘Save One Million Lives Initiative’, which is meant to reduce child mortality.



Date: 3 August 2013