Bumi Hills

At Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, situated atop a hill overlooking the opposite (western end) of the Matusadona National Park, guests are reporting some wonderful sightings of lion in the area (see left).  The Schutt family from Guatemala wrote:  “We had the most wonderful time at Bumi. On our first drive we saw 10 lions, 2 males, 4 females and 4 cubs!!! We visited a Tonga Village and went fishing on the beautiful lake. Thanks for an unforgettable vacation”.


ElephantMeantime, the Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) who work hard to protect wildlife in and around the Safari Lodge, were recently alerted about a female elephant who had a very bad wound on her leg caused by a wire snare.  It took some time to find the animal.

Fortunately a veterinary team with a helicopter were stationed at the nearby Matusadona National Park Headquarters at Tashinga and were called to assist.

The team, led by Andre Schultz (pictured left), tranquillised the elephant with a dart and in no time at all, the snare was removed and the nasty wound, cleaned and treated with antibiotics.   They estimate the elephant to be still young (at between 12 and 20 years old), and the wound was quite recent, so they are confident that she will make a full recovery.

The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) was established in July 2009 by Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and (then) resident Professional Guide Andrew Dalzell. Working Closely with Nyami-Nyami Rural District Council Wildlife Section and The National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority the unit works tirelessly to protect and conserve all forms of fauna and flora in the Bumi Hills Wildlife Area and beyond.

BHAPUFor more information and contact details, see this link:  Bumi Hills Safari Lodge


From: Wild Zambezi

Date: 27 July 2013