Otji toilet 1In Namibia water is a scarce resource, and local sources can’t meet the growing demand. The Dry Toilet Solutions offer an ecological and economical alternative – different innovative systems are helping to save water and money.

Otji-Toilet produces toilets using ecological material to maintain ecological equilibrium by using clay to build toilets for dry sanitation, yet offering modern convenience.

It works on the concept of separating solids and liquids. The toilets are designed with a Urine Diversion Toilet Bowl which catches urine as soon as it touches the inner wall of the toilet bowl and guides the liquid into a channel which run into an underground ‘French drain’, set apart from the toilet structure.

Otji-Toilets have two perforated containers in an underground chamber which collect the solid waste. After six month (with 6-10 users) the first container will be full and will then be exchanged with the second container, although the first will remain in the chamber for the composting process.

Once the second container is full, the compost in the first one will be emptied and the process will be repeated. The compost can be used as high quality fertiliser.

Due the perforated concrete panel, the tank stays clean and hygienic all the time. A sun-based ventilation system at the back of the toilet, always facing to the north, provides fresh air, which keeps it dry and ensures an odourless use.

According to Peter Arndt, the Otji-Toilet factory manager, “In the absence of sludge there are no gasses and no breeding environment for insects, therefore solid waste remains dry and decomposes quickly.”

Otji toilet 2

“Environmental researchers agree that the mixing of solid waste and liquid (urine) is to be regarded as the main problem that creates a bad smell in toilets. The Otji-Toilet, however, separates solid from liquid by collecting the solid in the container.

Therefore, it does not fit into the category of traditional latrines and effectively prevents contamination. Nonetheless, the system has been developed for regions which don’t serve as freshwater resource areas.

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By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 25 July 2013