Tour De Tuli 2The Nedbank Tour De Tuli is a fundraising-cycling event benefitting the non-profit organisation ´Children in the Wilderness´.

Children in the Wilderness has been hosting unique fundraising mountain bike tours since 2005 and over the years these events have grown in stature to become one of Southern Africa’s finest mountain biking experiences.

This year they will be hosting the Nedbank Tour de Tuli – Mapungubwe Route and will give cyclists the opportunity of cycling through some of Africa’s most remote and beautiful areas.

This year, the event will take place over four days, with 350 cyclists and 150 support crew covering nearly 300km of challenging and varied terrain in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

The event is a challenging multi stage mountain bike tour that covers harsh terrain in remote areas, with stages of approximately 60-80km of hard cycling per day. The route will traverse various wildlife areas in three countries, offering incredible scenery, wildlife and wonderful community spirit along the way.

Starting Point: The event starts on the 2nd August 2013 at 14:30 at the Limpopo Valley Airfield Botswana.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PONT DRIFT BORDER CLOSES AT 16:00 and you will need to be at the border post no later than 15:30.

End Point: The event ends on the 7th August 2013 at Mapungubwe National Park at 8:00.

Tour De Tuli 5The cycling and overall experience for all involved is incredible. The event offers game viewing opportunities, cultural interaction, the romance of informal border crossings, crossing the Limpopo River, cyclists supporting local communities, the hidden gem ‐ Mapungubwe National Park, the sandstone ridges, the baobabs and the setting overlooking the confluence at the end of the event… mind‐blowing.

Routes: Final routes are still to be determined. The intent is to offer an Original route (of approximately 60-80km of hard cycling per day), cycling through Botswana, Zimbabwe and finishing in South Africa.

Russel Friedman, Nedbank Tour de Tuli participant, one of founders of Wilderness Safaris and Children in the Wilderness board member, says:  “It’s not a race, this cannot be emphasised enough.  We spend five to six hours a day in the saddle, traversing pristine wilderness. The route does not include manicured single tracks; we’ll follow animal tracks through areas that are normally only accessible to animals, elephants and now mountain bikes.  Many new friendships are created on the tour.  The days are long and tough, but well worthwhile being able to appreciate the biodiversity of these incredible areas.”


Anticipated dates Fri 02nd to Wed 07th August 2013
Countries Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa


Tour De Tuli 4Children in the Wilderness Director, Rita Bachman, says there are many positive spin-offs from the event for local communities and the environment. “The huge media coverage generated by the cycle tour helps create much awareness for the areas through which we travel. Monies raised through the tour help with the sustainability of the Children in the Wilderness programme by hosting more children’s camps, Eco-Clubs and hosting quality staff training.”

Another project that was initiated through the tour was that of assisting the Maramani Village School No 14, which is in desperate need of school buildings and equipment. By exposing the cyclists to this school, many of them expressed an interest to contribute with the development of this school.

The event not only raises funds for a worthy and important cause, but cyclists walk away with a life changing experience, by putting on some ‘mileage’ for every cent donated. Join us for experience of a lifetime!

Minimum Sponsorship Donation:  In order to participate in this event, we have a minimum sponsorship donation requirement per person inclusive of the mandatory evacuation insurance. (We suggest that cyclists take out travel insurance to cover the minimum sponsorship donation should you have to cancel).

Tour Costs Include:

  • Tour De Tuli 3Tented accommodation – single occupancy in two man tents.
  • Support and “sweeper” vehicles.
  • Refreshment stops during the course of the day.
  • All meals from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day.
  • Services of camp staff.
  • Services of bicycle technicians (spares are for the cyclists own account).
  • Medical support (any medical supplies are for the cyclists own account).
  • National Park entry fees.

There is no doubt however, that the stages will not be for the faint hearted, so please note:

  • This event is a challenging multi stage mountain bike tour that covers harsh terrain in remote areas.
  • The route is strenuous.
  • Tour De Tuli logo 1You will need a valid passport – the route will traverse Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • Tubeless conversions are mandatory and a condition of entry.


About Children in the Wilderness:

Children in the WildernessChildren in the Wilderness is a non – profit environmental and life skills educational programme. It is one of the few programmes aimed at bridging the divide that exists between communities and wildlife.

By exposing the youth of Southern Africa to their wildlife heritage and to the virtues of sustained community and conservation partnerships, they hope they will learn to appreciate the value of our wildlife and wilderness areas as well as its potential to create value and a livelihood for their communities.

They believe that if enough of our children participate in this type of programme in the coming years, it will create the next generation of guides, conservationists and scientists, and finally, concerned productive citizens – a worthwhile legacy in our eyes!


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 24 July 2013