1st Tv logoZimbabwe’s first independent television station went live at 6pm on Friday 19th July, 2013

It is a satellite feed from outside Zimbabwe using a free network received by an estimated 700,000 homes across the nation.

1st TV will provide impartial, factual news to the people of Zimbabwe as well as broadcasting popular films, soap operas and comedies. Content is currently limited, but over the next couple of months viewers can expect to see hours of broadcast extending and content improving to appeal to a range of media appetites.

The 1st TV team comprises respected former ZBC producer- presenter, Temba Hove, Short Wave Radio Africa’s hard-hitting interviewer, Violet Gonda and executive producer Andrew Chadwick.

Over the past seven years, hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean households have installed Wiztech decoders, as they made clear their desire for quality, independent information and entertainment.

Following the loss of signal from South Africa’s SABC, Zimbabweans have relied on the Wiztech free-to-air platform to access alternative television stations.

“The new station hopes to attract 3 million viewers” says Hove.

YoutubeThey are not just beaming to free-to-air satellite TV decoders; the channel is available for online viewing. The channel can be viewed as streaming service you Ustream, viewed as recorded shows on YouTube, and followed on Facebook for some social interaction on the content they are beaming.

The video streaming service can be accessed here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/zimbabwe-1st-tv. We notice though that the service indicates “Off air” which means you’ll be watching recorded stuff for now.

In addition to being available via satellite, 1st TV will also have a strong presence on social media which will allow Zimbabweans themselves to influence and guide the growth and direction of the channel in terms of both news and entertainment.

For settings and information on how to receive 1st TV see below.

Satellite settings:

Satellite: IntelSat 20
Polarization: H (Horizontal)
Transponder: EF30K Symbol Rate: 26657 Msps
Orbital Position: 68.5 Degrees East Modulation: QPSK
Tuning Frequency: 12602 MHz FEC: 2/3

Wiztech decoders:

– press menu
– blind search
– search button
– wait until it finishes be patient as it might take a long time
– NB make sure lnb type / 9750 and 10700

Philibao decoders:

go to Installation Menu – OK
– go to Manual Settings –
– select Tp Edit (which is the green button)
– Add new frequency – transp 12602 (frequency), Polarisation Horizontal, (symbol r), Tp-26657
– press save
– press exit
– then search via Auto-Scan – rescan your decoder.

DSTV decoders:

– Advanced settings
– Dish installations – remember pin number is 9949 others <(earlier models9929)
– go to network 2 (do not change home network ie network 1)
– press OK
– change frequency to 12602 symbol rate 26657 pol H fec2/3
– accept settings
– go back
– press scan all networks
(NB – don’t forget to change home network 1 Inb type to 10600 after you have added the new frequency)
This link will also be helpful in working out your DSTV settings –


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 23 July 2013