EducationZimbabwe has for the third consecutive time  been ranked top on literacy rate in Africa, the latest list by the African Economist Magazine reveals.

Zimbabwe takes the pole position from Tunisia which is now ranked number 15.

According to the latest results, Zimbabwe’s literacy rate stands at 90,9 percent, down from 91,2 percent and it is the only country on the continent with a literacy rate of over 90 percent.

On second position is Equatorial Guinea, with 87 percent while South Africa and Kenya follow with 86,4 and 85,1 percent respectively, making the tail end is Burkina Faso on 21,8 percent.

Tunisia’s literacy rate now stands at 74, 3 percent. Nigeria (68 percent) and Ghana (57, 9 percent), which have had a long time reputation for good standards of education are now ranked number 22 and 33 respectively.

Fast facts about Africa’s Literacy Rate:
Zimbabwe 90.9%
Equatorial Guinea 87%
South Africa 86.4%
Kenya 85.1%