Computer generated view of Luderitz Waterfront

Computer generated view of Luderitz Waterfront

After years of planning and discussions, work has finally begun on the N$230 million second phase of the Lüderitz Waterfront development project. The project will transform a large seaside piece of land at the old power station into an entertainment precinct with a marina, restaurants, shops and apartments and is expected to provide upmarket residential and business opportunities for the coastal town.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company (LWDC) Fluksman Samuehl says the development will change the face of Lüderitz.

“Finally the long awaited project is on the move. Nexus, an Outjo-based construction company, received the site from the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company on June 17 to commence building works,” he confirmed.

Fast facts about Luderitz Waterfront:
Cost of the second phase of construction N$230 million
Location Old power station in Luderitz
Building contractors Nexus Construction
Projects civil works completed Within 27 months
Nexus construction are creating a number of jobs during the construction 150
Second phase consists of Old power station, retail outlets, residential components, hotel development


Nexus Construction has already trucked in heavy construction machinery such as cranes and other massive building equipment to the site.

“The second phase represents an intensive economic transformation programme spearheaded by the LWDC with the support of the government,” Samuehl said, adding that civil works on the project is expected to be completed within 27 months.

“We are confident this project will be able to take the harbour town of Lüderitz to the next level of development with immense socio-economic benefits for the Karas Region,” he added.

Luderitz town view

Luderitz town view

Nexus Construction Deputy Director, Kelly Nghixulifwa, said his company is expecting to provide 150 temporary jobs. “The recruitment process has started but this is driven by the requirements of the time, such as specialised work, which include removal of asbestos sheeting, demolition of sub-structure and many more,” he stressed.

He further said Nexus would try to recruit workers from the Karas Region. “During our construction Nexus will endeavour to source material and services from local businesses in order to stimulate the economy and support local entrepreneurs and sub-contractors.”

The second phase of this multi-million project will consist of four separate components – the old power station, retail outlets, residential components and a hotel development.

The renovated and upgraded the old power station building will house the first ever fully fledged satellite campus of the Polytechnic of Namibia transforming into Namibia’s National University of Science and Technology, an indoor and outdoor sports centre, youth friendly facilities as well as a state-of-the-art maritime museum. The Museum of the Sea is set to become a major draw card for tourism.

Fast facts about Luderitz:
Established 1883
Population Approx. 15 000
Location South West Namibia near the Namib Desert
Average temperature a year 20.3 degrees Celsius
Luderitz famous for Luderitz speed challenge, only international sport held in the town. Month long speed sailing event under the International Sailing Federation.



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Date: 14 July 2013