Zambia ElectricityZambia has plans in place which could see it double its electricity generation capacity from a current 1,400 MW to 2,800 MW in five to six years, as its mining sector has continued to grow.


According to Zesco director of transmission development, Christopher Mubemba, the state owned company plans to invest some US$5.3 billion in generation and transmission projects. The key is whether Zambia is successful in sourcing finance for these projects.

The projects include the US$2 billion Kafue Gorge Lower, the US$420 million Kariba North Bank, and the US$120 million Tezhi hydroelectric facilities. Zambia’s peak electricity demand is estimated at about 1,650 MW, and is projected to increase at about 3% to 4% a year.

There has been no mention of the proposed damming of the Batoka Gorge. This hydro-electric facility will be located 50 kilometres downstream of the Victoria Falls near the Moemba Falls, a natural constriction point in the river. Being able to double its generation capacity without the Batoka hydropower plant is great.

Fast facts about Zambia’s electricity generation plans:  
Generation capacity in 5 to 6 years 1 400 MW (current) to 2 800MW (5-6 years)
Investment into the projects US$5.3 billion
Projects include Kafue Gorge Lower, Kariba North Bank, Tezhi hydroelectric facilities


Zesco plans to spend the rest of 2013 seeking funding for the Kafue Gorge Lower project.


From: 5VictoriaFalls24/

Date: 28 June 2013