TEBTourism Expo Botswana is an annual industry specific event that is being positioned to be an effective marketing platform for tourism related operators and services within the SADC region and beyond.

Tourism Expo Botswana 2013 will be held from the 13th-16th August 2013 in Gaborone, Botswana at Game City Shopping Centre. This year’s expo is a four day trade and consumer event that is projected to attract well over 4000 visitors. The beauty of this event is that it has been organized to have an intimate feel to it.

This year’s expo theme is “BRINGING TOURISM AND TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES TO THE PEOPLE” As the theme suggests this year will be a year for local, regional and international travel/tourism providers to introduce their services and reinforce their brands to the local consumer and trade.

Botswana is a very important market for both the local and regional market as being landlocked means that the local traveller relies on the local and regional travel/tourism providers to attract them with exciting travel options.

The second year of this travel and tourism expo will be bigger and more exciting. With over 55 exhibitors from the local, regional and international market will be showcasing their respective destinations, services and products to the local consumers and corporate landscape.

One of the key exciting features of Tourism Expo Botswana is the Corporate Golf Challenge that will take place on the 13th August 2013 in Gaborone. Thirty (30) teams from Corporate Botswana, regional and international Tourism Authorities will be going head to head in an exciting Golf Challenge that will see the winners taking home exciting and breath-taking Holiday Packages from various parts of the world. This will indeed be an ideal business networking platform.

Additionally, one of the most exciting activities of the Tourism Expo Botswana 2013 is the launch of Destinations Africa on the 14th August 2013 which is being positioned as one of the premium travel and tourism publications that is proudly compiled and published in Africa and extensively distributed to the regional and international market.

Conference speakers will include recruitment departments from leading Airline, Hotel and Cruise Ship Groups. Additionally educational institutions from Southern Africa and abroad will also be showcasing the various academic programmes they have relating to the Travel/Tourism Industry.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is this year participating at the Tourism Expo Botswana to be held in Gaborone from 13 – 16 August 2013.

“We are inviting your organization to participate on this show as a sharing exhibitor on the Zimbabwe stand” says ZTA to other Zimbabwean companies.

Botswana being a landlocked country is ideally positioned as a primary market feeder for its neighbouring countries. Tourism Expo Botswana is a platform for countries to effectively showcase their tourism products and packages to the local and regional market. Tourism Expo Botswana is owned by Destinations Luxury Travel and organized by Lalik Events (Pty) Ltd.

Pre -Registeration will begin from the month of June 2013 until August 2013 at Game City and online on www.tourismexpobotswana.com.

There will be fantastic networking opportunities and wonderful holiday packages to various local and regional destinations to be won.

Tourism Expo Botswana


One of the main objectives of TOURISM EXPO BOTSWANA 2013 is to enhance trade between various service providers.



Programme of Events:


Date Time Event Venue
13/08/13 9am-4pm Trade meetings Game city,exhibitor stalls
12pm-7:30pm Corporate golf challenge and prize giving ceremony Tba
14/08/13 8am-10am Sponsored trade and media breakfast Lansmore,masa centre
11am-6pm Open consumer day and trade meetings Game city,exhibitor stalls
7pm-9pm Sponsored cocktail party @ lansmore masa centre Lansmore,masa centre
15/08/13 8am-10am Sponsored trade and media breakfast . Lansmore,masa centre
11am-6pm Open consumer day Game city,exhibitors stalls
16/08/13 8am-10am Sponsored trade and media, breakfast Lansmore,masa centre


Benefits for participating in the Tourism Expo Botswana for Zimbabwe:

  • BRAND RECOGNITION: ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD will have an opportunity to further reinforce their brand to the local market and use this expo as a platform to create awareness and educate the local market on ZIMBABWE as a destination of choice.
  • BRAND AWARENESS: ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD will have an opportunity to create awareness to the local and regional tourism stakeholders and the end consumer.
  • BRAND REINFORCEMENT: ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD will be part of an exciting event that is centered on promoting regional tourism. This will further reinforce the ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD brand.
  • BRAND POSITIONING: The media coverage of this event will be extensive. ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD will get coverage through the extensive print, radio and electronic media (see attached media plan). This is an ideal event for ZIMBABWE TOURISM BOARD to effectively position their brand.
  • The expo will be held at Game City due to the fact that this is a high traffic area and this will guarantee maximum exposure for the exhibitor.


By: 5VictoriaFalls24

Date: 20 June 2013