Going GreenThe government should continue raising awareness on sustainable living practices (going green) as a way of protecting the environment, Zimbabwe’s news agency, New Ziana, reported, quoting an expert as saying on Monday.

Going green entails adopting practices and systems that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming leading to changes in climatic conditions.

This includes adopting renewable energy solutions such as solar power and wind energy, recycling as well as producing organic foods.

Green Tourism Services managing director Rose Mukogo said going green was a challenging concept which still has to be promoted among people for the goal environmental responsibility to be achieved.

“Perception of green issues among the people in our country shows that they are not yet well informed about the benefits.

“If government could mainstream green practices this would impact positively on our drive for sustainable practices”, she said.

Mukogo said both the government and the private sector had a shared responsibility of implementing sustainable practices to ensure that key players in the hospitality and leisure sector adopted the practices.

She said green tourism was still in its developmental stages and was targeting infrastructure and quality assurance.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly to be held in August was a platform for Zimbabwe to show the world that it valued sustainable living and practices.

Meanwhile, the private sector has since taken a leading role in the “going green” initiative with companies such as Plastix Incorporated and Environment Africa cleaning up the environment.

The Harare City Council has embarked on a zero litter campaign an effort to adopt sustainable practices (going green).

From: www.bernama.com.my

Date: 18 June 2013