Mountain Biking through some of the most scenic places in Africa, jam-packed with game,  has to be one of the most exciting events you can do, testing your skills against the terrain and keeping your senses sharpened for any encounters with the local wildlife !   It’s a unique event, with nights  being spent in comfortable hotels – but days are tough and challenging.

This the Event comprises of a combination of single track, rural roads and a small amount of tar (near the hotels). Note that most of these areas are not generally accessible to the public and as such are unique to this event.

The event is fully backed up, marshalled, and controlled to world standards.

Whilst the Victoria Falls Mountain Bike race is a challenge for the fast, competitive riders, it is also a great event for social riders. Well spaced refreshment points along the way, good marshalling and sweep bikes and cars, as well as some spectacular, un-ridden sections will allow riders some great views of one of Zimbabwe’s most scenic areas.

The 2013 top 3 were :