“Making a standpoint to protect our planet and preserve its biodiversity”

RhinoThe current action and response to rhino poaching is vital and helpful but the poaching increases – Rhino Knights is connecting with stakeholders involved in the industry to gather information on the problems and possible solutions.

Rhino Knights is a 10000 kilometre awareness campaign and survey for rhino around Southern Africa.

Every day on the move Isabel will run a half marathon (21km); cycle 80km and, from Namibia onwards on the same day, horse ride an additional 20km. Parts of the journey may be done without the horse Isabelcomponent and the travelled distance on foot and bicycle can therefore increase. Assisted by Raphaela and Lloyd as support team and filmer she will cover an approximate distance of 10 000 km in about 5 months.

Route: points of reference.

Durban (1st June) to Cape Town; up the West Coast into Namibia; Windhoek and Swakopmund; to the Kunene River (Border of Angola); into Botswana and to Vic Falls (14th July); down to Gaborone and back up to other parts of Zimbabwe; through to the East Coast of Mozambique; along the border of Kruger National Park; South to iMfolozi Game Reserve (Zululand); Back to Durban.

Route Map

Route Map

We are currently making our way up the West Coast to Namibia. We will be in Vredendal today and plan to arrive in Windhoek by 23rd/24th June. Thereafter we are heading to Swakopmund and up towards the Kunene River. From there we are heading East through the Caprivi to Botswana and Vic Falls, the Vic Falls marathon/half marathon is on the 14th July and we are going to be there for the event” said Isabel yesterday.

Rhino knights have joined hands with the following two organizations:

  • The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization
  • Magqubu Ntombela Foundation


To raise worldwide awareness for Rhino using all media available (Social networks, Rhino Knights YouTube Channel, Websites, print and digital media, TV…)

To conduct a survey/questionnaire to gather information on the current Rhino and wildlife situation, interviewing high profile conservationists, organizations, individuals along our route.

To encourage Rhino conservation organizations in Southern Africa to join forces and stand together as one united voice under one umbrella, ‘Strength in Unity’.

To inform the public through talks in schools, groups, wildlife conservancies, cities and towns, farming communities en route.

To involve the public through organized fun run´s/fund raiser evenings along our route.

To document the campaign on film for weekly Youtube Channel uploads and a completion documentary (Motivating everyone around the globe to upload a short clip of their Rhino effort and at the end their efforts will be part of the Rhino Knights documentary, A virtual Rhino Knights movement across the world.)

Fast facts about Rhino:
 Number of Rhino poached in 2012  668
 Number of Rhino species  5
 Population of Black Rhino  Approx. 4680 (about half live in the wild)
 Population of Southern White Rhino  20 600
 Population of Northern White Rhino  7
 Lifespan of White Rhino  Up to 50 years
 Running speed  Up to 30 mph


The Rhino KnightsOur route is quite dynamic and depends a lot on the rhino reserves, lodges, farms, conservation groups that we meet to do our survey with.



100% of profits raised allocated to the following organizations and projects:

We want to encourage everyone to participate and join us along our route wherever they can and for however long they would like to!

Fund raising is not a major focus but if people would like to donate please contact Isabel on Email: isabel@ridingforhorses.co.za

Riding for Rhino







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Date: 7 June 2013