TelOne fibre optic cable almost in place

TelOne fibre optic cable almost in place

Fixed telephone services provider TelOne will in July this year commission the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls fibre optic cable ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in August 2013.

TelOne managing director Mrs. Chipo Mtasa told New Ziana that installation of the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls cable was nearing completion.

Zimbabwe and Zambia will co-host the UNWTO General Assembly from August 24-29 in Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is part of the Government’s vision to make Victoria Falls a cyber-city in time for the UNWTO General Assembly.

“TelOne has responded to this call to improve connectivity in Victoria Falls.

Fast facts about Fibre Optics:
Optical fibre first developed 1970 by Corning Glass Works
What does an optical fibre cable consist of Core, Cladding, Buffer
Bandwidth of a fibre can be divided 160 channels to support bit rate in the range of 1.6 Tbit/s
Zimbabwe will use Fibre Optic SDH Transmission System (STM16) Payload bandwidth 2 405 376 kbits/sLine rate 2 488 320 kbits/s


“Significant progress is being made in laying fibre right round the city. The project is nearing completion,” Mrs. Mtasa said.

She said on completion of the broadband link, internet access would be available from anywhere within the city at any given time through TelOne Wi-Fi hotspots.

“Delegates attending the UNWTO will be able to experience the real broadband that is fast and reliable. Our service will enable delegates to download presentations , enjoy video streaming and conferencing, post regular updates on the social media or engage in e-commerce, e-banking, e-tourism among a whole range of internet services from the TelOne hotspots”, she said.

TelOne has already rolled out optic fibre from Mutare to Harare under phase one carried out in 2010.

It also completed the Harare-Bulawayo route in May 2012 under phase two.


Date: 6 June 2013